OBO Movement


what is the obo movement and what does "obo" stand for?

how is the movement going to enact the virtues it espouses, in the workplace & world?

why does obo not consider other important stakeholders, besides employees?

how can I start my business using obo principles?

who is this movement focused on in business & who will it help?

can I retrofit my business to the principles of obo?

are there “real live” examples of businesses operating on these principles?

if the movement works, what's next?

is the obo movement compatible with capitalism?

how does the obo movement think about employee engagement?

how is obo different than a business cooperative or commune?

why do we need this movement & how is it going to address fear in the workplace?

why does changing the way we work present such a great opportunity?

what is the high-level plan for the movement & how is it coming to life?