more projects

invite us to speakwe would love to come share our message at your next group meeting!

be a guest on your podcastwe are actively seeking more opportunities to share the vision and success of the movement through other podcasts celebrating new and innovative ways to do business and better workplace culture.

lead or contribute to an obo businesswe’re seeking people passionate about the businesses we are creating, specifically, at the moment: merch business leader, media business leader, consultants

legal structurewe are in process of setting up a non-profit foundation in addition to for-profit entities for our initial businesses, and seek guidance particularly for the non-profit organization.

social media strategy and implementationwe are seeking help on creating the overall social media strategy for the movement, along with the operational execution of our social media campaigns.

content supportwe have a number of ongoing needs to help us take our message and deliver it in various forms, including a blog and through videos. we are seeking a content expert who can help us more effectively share our message with the world.

video translationswe are seeking to translate our videos in as many languages as possible—if you speak another language and the message of our movement resonates with you, please reach out to us.

obo fundwe have an amazing idea for a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind fund to invest in businesses operating under obo principles. we are seeking individuals to lead the development of this fund.

website developmentthe obo movement has several websites that are either active, or need to be created.